Friday, July 25, 2008

To Become Like Music - Peter Schmidt at Mummery+Schnelle

"For Esme", The Boyle Family archive materials, listening stations.

"Droplet", in the main space.

"For Esme" in the ancillary space.

Read an excellent review by Richard Mills at Enoweb:

Here is a small except, perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the exhibition:

"But to my mind, the greatest prize in the exhibition (which explores the connections between sound and visual material) must be the six short pieces of stereo audio by Peter Schmidt from 1969 (OK - one from 1978). They may now sound like humdrum feedback noises and tape loops but at the time they were being recorded (and these appear/claim to be among the very earliest of British audio experimental tapes in existence), they were genuinely ground-breaking. They seem quite self-conscious in places, but the naivete and assurance are quite a breath-taking combination. Wonder if Peter ever had any idea that these tapes (that were allegedly found in a bag in Norfolk) would re-surface in the 21st Century and be a point of interest, if only for the next few weeks, to a London audience?"

Note: The tapes have actually been in the care of Cally, a student of Peter's at Watford. These tapes have been transferred to digital media for this exhibit by associates of the curator, Prof. Chris Townsend, at the Department of Media Arts of the University of London.

The exhibition runs through 16 August. For more information:

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