Saturday, April 26, 2008


"Enovations" was a publication for admirers of Brian Eno.
The summer/1979 edition featured the watercolor painting
"Portrait of Eno with Allusions" on it's cover, as well as
Peter Schmidt's words describing the process of creating
this painting of his friend and collaborator. This painting
has been my inspiration for assembling this raisonne
catalogue dedicated to preserving Peter's legacy. Many
thanks to Rory Walsh and Russell Mills who sent this
item to me within two hours of each other. This and another
article from "Enovations"/1981, "A Line has Two Sides",
a discussion of Peter and Russell's work can be found at
the bottom of the "miscellaneous" page at

Sunday, April 6, 2008

"Electrostatic Portraits", 1969

Cover of "Electrostatic Portraits"

Roland Penrose

Jasia Reichardt

Peter Schmidt

The three pictures above are from an Edition Hansjorg Mayer publication called "Electrostatic Portraits", and were created by Peter Schmidt in 1968. They were made by assembling the personal effects of the subject, and then photo copying the assemblage. Here is the cover and the "portraits" of Roland Penrose, Jasia Reichardt, and Peter Schmidt. An oblong folio of 30 pages with 16 full page illustrations in black and white, photocopies pasted on grey cloth, with a heavy rubber-like opaque cover. These 3 and 13 portraits like them were bound in an edition of 25. These will be added to the "Publications" section of in the near future.