Saturday, November 29, 2008

Taking Tiger Mountain - 16 takes...

The "Taking Tiger Mountain" Collection
Sixteen(with 4 from the gatefold LP)of 1500, unique prints by Peter Schmidt

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Peter Schmidt at work in his studio...

Peter Schmidt in his studio in Stockwell in 1978.
It is here that many of his watercolor paintings were
created. This window may be familiar to those of
you who are acquainted with the paintings
"The Other House" and "Look at September, look at October".
This photograph was taken by Alain D'Hooghe.
"As with many good artists, one's admiration for Peter's work increases with familiarity. To follow the threads that are woven through his work, to watch the way that they cross and mesh with new threads and with older ones picked up again is to see a graceful and brilliant dance in motion. That this same pace and brilliance characterized his everyday life came, at first, as something of a surprise. He never raised his voice." -Brian Eno, May 1987 (printed in "Opal Information #5)