Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"More Than Nothing"...

. Brian Eno
. Peter Schmidt
. More Than Nothing

"More Than Nothing" Exhibit Poster
Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt
Paul Ide Gallery, Brussels, 1980
Printed matter, 60 x 37 cm
(Private collection)
"More Than Nothing", Curated by Alain D'Hooghe
"At Peter's suggestion, the exhibition was entitled "More Than Nothing".
We decided to dedicate it to the collaborations between Peter and Brian.
Peter produced four amazing etchings for the occasion as well as many
new water colours; we also included Eno's light box, his very first video
installation "Two Fifth Avenue", several "Taking Tiger Mountain" lithographs
and "Portrait of Eno with Allusions". Even if he didn't speak the language,
Peter helped me translate the "Oblique Strategies" into French (we had a
good time 'working' on that!). He never saw the exhibition as he passed away
totally unexpectedly a few days before the opening."
Alain D'Hooghe from Enoweb's "Allusions" page
- From nothing to more than nothing -
"Oblique Strategies", Third Edition, 1979

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