Sunday, March 16, 2008

Peter Schmidt Web

Peter Schmidt Web has been updated. Two pages from the 1966 Curwen Prints Catalogue, showing all six of the "Cycloid" prints has been added to the "Miscellaneous" section (many thanks to Jill at Curwen Gallery). Tiger Mountan print 73 of 1500 (collection of Dr. Steven Lynn) is our fifth, a new photograph of "Land in the North" can be found on page 6 of "His Work" (courtesy Eggert Petursson and The Living Art Museum), as well as twenty photos of recently auctioned pieces (Ewbank Auctions), six line drawings from Peter's time in Iceland (again thanks to Eggert), and several pictures of watercolors from my visit to London a few months ago to latter pages of the "His Work" section. Special thanks to Maria Kiernan for her assistance.

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